Paragon Honda - service

Feb 15, 2022

Vasilios Pilios-of US

I have been buying cars from paragon since 1999 1 to 2 cars every 3 years.

and I have never experienced such dissatisfaction. Been using your service department the whole time. so, it started off with a cracked taillight that supposedly is causing my car not to go into drive the estimate was 895$ for a taillight. I called my insurance company to handle the claim. I have been getting nothing but attitude from your service writer Mehdi go's by matt his contact is [protected].calls from private #s all he cares about is the 149$ diagnostic fee. my cars been there since Monday the adjuster should be coming tomorrow Wednesday. NOW HE IS SENDING TEXT LIKE THIS IN ALL CAPS TELLING ME TO COME PICK UP MY CAR AND HAVE THE ADJUSTER COME TO MY HOUSE. Now that's not acceptable my car is stuck in the park, not safe to drive, you have like 4 lots my car is not the space problem.