Paragon Security - Security - Negligence = Theft

May 12, 2022

William Chepesiuk-of US

I live in a condo in Etobicoke and Paragon Security has been hired to provide 24 hour security in the building. On April 14/22 at approximately 2:30 in the morning, the security guard allowed a stranger through the front door of the building. This individual subsequently entered the garage and stole my bicycle that was locked in bicycle rack and this theft was caught on the building's security camera. Furthermore, this thief called a Beck Taxi to pick him and the bicycle up. The Paragon Security guard did nothing. They did not call the police or intervene in preventing this criminal act. In addition, the thief returned the next day a proceeded to steal 2 more bicycles in the same manner, however this time a door was left open to allow him access. These two situations could have been prevented if Paragon Security had properly trained their employee. This gross negligence is unprofessional. I have written twice to Paragon Security about this issue and not heard from them. I understand that that individual has been fired.

I am asking Paragon Security to pay my deductible for the bicycle replacement that I claiming through my personal insurance