ParcelABC - an order I received in Greece

Feb 15, 2022

Paraskevi sikallos-of US

I was asked a shipping instruction, by a certain date, to Monica in the team ABC, and she advised an option of parcel ABC disposing the package or returning to sender, if not replied to her by that date, where I already advised the team in Greece of UPS to return to sender..! is that a threat or what? as if I will not reply by a certain date a simple shipping instruction. can they reruite to the USA where I ordered the package from? otherwise return to my brother. as I suggested to Monica. what is the shipping instruction then? and why is the option of disposal? you know I can sew Monica for what she dared to say as that option? I'm waiting for that parcel to get back to sender to get my money back when sent back to America! this is $2000... ! if Monica dares to dispose, I WANT $2000 from her!