Pardons Canada - Criminal Pardon

Mar 24, 2022

Vincent Charbonneau-of US

I've been trying to get a criminal pardon with Pardons Canada for over 2 years now. This has been a horrible experience dealing with these people.

I've been lied to on numerous occasions. I mailed documents in last year to be processed, after months of waiting. I contacted them and they claimed they never received them. So I agreed to fill them out again only to get the run around for weeks after. Now they informed me they did have them and they would forward them to the Parole Board. I then received a letter months later in January of 2022 stating the fees had changed with the Government and I was entitled to a refund. The letter stated if I wanted to continue with my pardon to simply mail in a $50 money order and it would be sent off to the Parole Board. So I immediately sent them the money order hoping to get this issue finally dealt with. Months went by and I hadn't heard anything. Finally received a follow up email stating if I wanted to continue with my pardon I needed to mail in the money or use a credit card. So I contacted them once again, only to hear once again that they had not received my letter. I don't know what to do at this point. I honestly can't deal with this company any longer. I've paid around $700 so far and I just want my pardon finalized. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone going forward.