Pardons Canada - False advertising

Nov 25, 2021

Avi Singh — USA

I had gone to Pardons Canada last year to get my pardon done and they had written on their website that they would acquire all the documents for the pardon. They have committed fraud and have had multiple complaints about them. Andrew Tea is a criminal and so is anyone who works for that company. I have requested an explanation as to what it is that their service actually does but they still to this day have not clarified what it is that they do and why they charge more than the pardon application fee and for what reason? All the documents were collected by me and nothing was done on their behalf as stated on the website. I wish to encourage anyone who has been wronged by Andrew Tea or Pardons Canada gang of cronies to reach out to me. Together we can file a lawsuit against them. One person may not be enough but if we gather together and present our case to the Crown as a group then the criminal will have to pay restitution and serve time behind bars. Please contact me mr.[protected] Thank you and you're not alone. Together we can defeat these evils in the world using the court system.