Pathlight Property Management - Fraudulent practices

Nov 24, 2021

Bsmithb8613 — Venice, USA

Renter beware. I rented a house. We received the keys on February 12. Based on that I have made every payment EFT from my bank on the 12th of the month. Eight months into my lease and eight payments made on the 12th I receive a call telling me I have been late because its not on the 1st. I was also notified that in the very fine print of the lease I have also been charged for $100 for pool service (which rarely occurs) and a $13 rents insurance fee.

I was told that I should have been going to the Pathlight website to learn all of this. I do not have a computer at the house and frankly am at a point in my life that I do not plan on learning how to use some website.

I have paid up all that is owed, including the fine print, changed my payment date until the 1st. I will not pay the late fees. Frankly, this all seems like a unethical way to bilk money for the elderly and unsophisticated.

This company cares more about technology and efficiency than it does about people. Yes, the people who pay their wages.