Pathlight Property Management - Renting home in FL

Apr 26, 2022

Scott Dahin-of US

The worst landlord I've ever had. Will not fix anything and is run out of a call center. They turn down most all service requests if they even answer them in the first place. Our ice maker was broken at move in and we told them repeatedly. After months of chancing them down, we had to find out from the vendor and not our own management company that they denied the vendor to even replace the unit when he had it in stock and it was under $100. You cannot even change or ask for any amendments on the lease or you just get denied. I had to be told this by someone who barely spoke English in some foreign country. Absolutely horrendous and would tell anyone thinking of renting from these people to run! They are some large company / hedge fund that doesn't care about anyone's well being or even their reputation.