PC Financial / President's Choice Financial Mastercard - Closed account with Funds in it YET TO BE RETURNED

Nov 22, 2021

Sky Randell — Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

In October of 2021 I opened a PC money account that they closed without telling me, when I called to ask why they said "it came from above them" and couldn't tell me. Two days AFTER my account was closed they allowed a deposit from Ontario Works to be put in for almost $700. It's been 3 months now & they have YET to send me back my money. I call once a week to ask & get no where. I've emailed more than once with zero response. WORST COMPANY EVER. That check was my way to eat & pay rent that month, I'm on welfare and obviously don't have months to wait. I'm so fed up with spending HOURS on hold everytime I call. How do you have long wait times everyday? just say you have 5 people working from home & it's going to be a bit.