PC Financial / President's Choice Financial Mastercard - PC financial mastercard

May 01, 2022

Giuliano Reis-of US

my credit card statement says that payment was due on April 29th — so, I scheduled the payment for that date. On Friday (April 29th) the payment was made (i.e. came out of my bank account). Yesterday (April 30th), I received a message saying that my payment was late. Today (May 1st), I called customer service and they say I (mind you) have to make the payment a few days earlier than the date indicated in my statement because it takes about 3 days for the PC’s system to process the payment. Why is the onus of this delayed process on me, the customer? As far as I can tell, the payment made on time. Is this even legal? Can PC Financial charge me fir something that is beyond my control? Why is that I have to be held responsible for the time it takes PC’s system to process my payment that was made on time?