Peachford Hospital - Peachford Hospital

Mar 02, 2022

Beverley Simpson-of US

I would like JACHO or some other organizations governing healthcare institutions to evaluate how patients are being taken care of at Peachford Hospital. My son was admitted there for mental issues, and it was like was admitted into a "hell house". He was not properly taken care of and worst his doctor from another hospital left several messages along with his telephone number for the doctor at Peachford Hospital to call him. My son's doctor called several times and no response which is really, really bad.

I did not get adequate notice when my son was scheduled to be discharged. Someone called abruptly at about 4:30 pm and said someone should pick him up by5PM. The discharge did not have anything on it than his name. No medication instruction was noted, and no information was sent to his doctor for continuity of care. The only information given to me after calling and pressuring them was that the nurse told me my son received Invega Injection on the 4th and 11th of February. It appears that my son did not get the 11th of February dose because of the way he is acting, and I have no way of knowing that he received it.