Pearl Holding Group - I'm getting ripped off

Apr 14, 2022

Brandie konecny-of West Palm Beach, US

On June 9th 2021 I was hit head on by a lady that has pearl holding insurance and my vehicle was considered totalled . They picked up my vehicle and told me they would give me the value of my vehicle. But then they told me there only going to pay me 30% of the value because I'm 30% at fault which is absolutely crazy and definitely untrue ,when the lady hit me ! I haven't received any compensation for my vehicle and it's been about 6 months with my vehicle in there possession at there tow yard. Now I received a letter saying I have 30 days to come pick up my vehicle or there squishing it ! I haven't been so sad, confused,no money no help stressed out, and accused ,now I'm being screwed ! I get my totalled car back ! This is the worst insurance company ever! I don't know what to do !