PeopleReady - General call for Pay card.

May 18, 2022

Markbolton-of US

I had made a call to the Cincinnati Ohio kemper location to gather info about getting a pay card. I made the call at approximately 2:30-2:40 PM. Once calling I got the automated hold. After waiting for about 20 mins the automated canceled itself and begin to ring in as if someone was going to pick up the phone. Instead it ring in a went back to the automated bot. Again I was placed on hold and waited another 5 minutes. Afterwards I just hung up and called back “, the phone was answered immediately. I’m not sure what the woman’s name was I don’t believe I was even told. She was helpful about the info I needed but seemed irritated that I was calling. After getting the info I needed the person aggressively hung up the phone(no bye have a nice a day or anything: not that this is needed but the demeanor was rude). I personally have experience in customer service 4 years plus and I could immediately pick up on the demeanor that I was shown. On top of this I had worked a job Saturday and wasn’t payed. No one contacted me I had to call 3 plus days later. I’ve also been experiencing ticket removal after I’ve taken a job. I’ve called to wake why and was told “the job had got the person they wanted/recommended” it’s not fair to claim a ticket and have it removed from my claimed jobs.