Philadelphia Parking Authority - Residential Parking Permits

May 16, 2022

Ryan Aguillard-of US

Who do I contact to complain about PPA taking our money and not providing what we pay for. I have complained a few times to someone only to get placated for a couple of weeks of someone doing their job, then poof, they were gone. Now, it's a year later and we still haven't seen a PPA officer ticketing illegal parking on our block. It's the same problem we were having before the residential parking and now we are paying for the same problem! The neighbors have grown tired of paying this fee with no enforcement. We are contacting political & legal entities and looking to sue PPA for not providing services it is charging us for. We are tired of calling to no avail, we are tired of not having parking on our block while people with multiple cars from the surrounding blocks park for free on our block. We see PPA ticketing vehicles further down Cedar Ave but we never see them on the block. The retired neighbors say they never see your officers on our block! What's the problem? Is the block not gentrified enough?! Why are blocks next to us further down towards Center City get their service but we don't? As instructed by counsel, we have gathered information and we're doing our own recording of the lack of service everyday!