Pirelli - Tires

Mar 08, 2022

Joseph Mracna-of US

I purchased a Cadillac CTS 3.6, Performance Model, in late 2015 with Pirelli 245/40 R18 Pzero Run Flats as OEM tires. I replaced those tires with the exact same Pzero tires in February, 2019, after 35,250 miles on the OEM tires.

I never had a problem with the OEM tires, and expected a similar driving experience and performance from the replacements, since they were the same Pirelli model as the OEMs.

To my surprise, the experience from the new replacement tires was completely different from the originals. I complained to the tire dealer on numerous occasions about the way the replacement tires rode and performed. I had the dealer re-check the front end alignment. I complained to the dealer that the tires lost air pressure to the extent of two psi per week. I complained to the dealer that the tires, as opposed to the driver, steered the car

I was at the Cadillac dealership on December 31, 2021, for a typical oil change and asked the dealer to check the front end alignment. At the time, the car had 48,458 miles on the odometer, and to my surprise, the dealer advised that there was no point in rotating and balancing the tires, or checking the alignment, because the wear on the tires was to the point of being dangerous to drive. Thus with 12,923 miles on these replacement tires, they needed replacement.

I immediately complained to the tire dealer about the premature wear of the Pzero tires, They examined the tires, and agreed that there was obviously a defect resulting in the premature wear, and would file a claim with Pirelli on my behalf. I’ve heard nothing from them to date.

As evidenced by the above information, please consider this a claim on my behalf, for tire defects in the Pzero tires, causing dangerous driving conditions, and premature wear shortening the life of the tires.