Pivotal Home Solutions (formerly Nicor Home Solutions) - False Customer’s Emergency Waiver Statement

Mar 29, 2022

dbveit-of Methuen, US

On January 31, 2022 American Home Solutions dispatched Capeless Plumbing & Heating to repair a thermostat issue with our leased hot water heater based on a service call I requested. The technicians arrived and never looked at the thermostat on the heater but rather looked at the date of the unit. They said they should replace the hot water heater based on the age but I told them that we would be eliminating the hot water heater in 2 weeks when the new heating system was to be installed. They happened to have a brand new hot water heater on the truck and made the decision to replace it even though I advised them not to. They removed the old one and installed the new one. They left my house and 10/15 minutes later rang my doorbell to sign the paperwork. The technician never told me I would be signing a new lease but that’s what he brought to my door. Later I realized he had put “leaking H/W” as the description of emergency which was false. There was no leak and they didn’t even address the issue I called about. Two weeks later the unit was removed because of the installation of the new system. Pivotal Home Solutons now will not remove the disconnected water heater without a payment of over $700. I told them to not install a new heater but they did anyway. They wrote it up as leaking, which it was not. I am 90 years old and I believe they took advantage of me.