Pivotal Home Solutions (formerly Nicor Home Solutions) - Claim Reimbursement

May 11, 2022

W Hatton-of US

Im a veteran of the USMC. I'm 79 years old. This compnay has taken advantage of me and tried to stop my claim and deny it several times over the stupidest things you can imagine. One said the vendor who did my repair need to be on the invoive, which it was, but had to fac in three times. Emailed it 3 times, and still, no word. Ive been going through this since Novemeber of 2021. Each time they come up with a new excuse about why they cant honor and ill need to resubmitt. Ive asked repeatedly for a supervisor to call me, they say within 24 hours, but I've yet to be contacted by one. This company owes me almost $2000.00 and refuses to repay me. Ibve gone as far as my granddaughter calling them, theyre trying to give her some bs too. Im going to get an attorney before they try to drag this out till im dead.

William Hatton

Account number 3522435 - Claim # 2845641