Pizza Nova Take Out - Service and incorrect product

Nov 24, 2021

Ned V — USA

I ordered a pepperoni pizza and I clearly reviewed everything before submitting the order. When I went to pick up the pizza I said my name and that I'm picking up a pepperoni pizza, he obliged and gave it to me. when I opened it it was not that. it was cheese. i checked the email receipt as the website does not have a post-order receipt. if it wasn't pepperoni why didn't the guy at least say anything. just gave it to me so I can get out? like what the hell. wasted my time and everything. when I initially sent the email the store owner replied and pretty much said you should have checked your receipt and really. what kind of customer service is that. i go to that store almost every other week and have been a customer for years and I get a tough luck response. terrible attitude. Plus I've been ordering online multiple times so I know how to add my topping and CHECKED prior to ordering. something definitely went wrong with the toppings section. i would may have let this go but I'm not happy with the attitude of the store manager at all. Please bring this up with corporate. Initially, i wanted a refund but not anymore i want the pizza nova franchise to remind the manager that they should show some level of respect, not this whole i don't care attitude.