Pool Supply World - Above gound pool

Feb 18, 2022

Michael Thornburg-of US

I bought my pool from Pool Supply World in January of 2019. Upon receiving it there were issues with the pool. The included the wrong cut list that discribed what tubes to cut. The original liner that was sent had a cut in it at the bottom that it looked like someone took a razor knife to it. During the first year the pressure gauge rusted apart. We called them for a replacement and was told it would be replaced. The replacement part was never received. The following year the pump housing cracked. we again called them for a replacement in which they stated that part was not in warranty. They offered to sell us a new one. When the pool was purchased they told us it had a 15 year warranty.

This year we noticed the liner had a hold in it the size of a silver dollar where it apparently split. we were told to call the manufacturer. to which was told because the split didn't occur where the seam was they wouldn't honor the warranty. we went back to Pool Supply World where was told we could buy another liner but they were not going to honor the warranty.