PostaPlus - Item received at US office on [protected] but still not showing in my dashboard

May 05, 2022

Khaled Roshdy-of Jabriya, KW

I ordered a set of 64GB DDR4 memory sticks from eBay on the 25th of April 2022 and it was delivered to PostaPlus' US office on the 27th of April, and yet until the 5th of May no record of the parcel has appeared in my dashboard on the MyBox website or on the mobile app.?! This shipment cost me $326.86, and ever since I tried to contact PostaPlus to inquire about the whereabouts of my shipment, they simply ignored me: nothing at all! No confirmation email that they received my email, and no replies. I am sure they have been receiving my emails because whenever I use the same email addresses (kwi.[protected]@postaplus, [protected]@postaplus, [protected]@postaplus, kwi.[protected]@postaplus and [protected]@postaplus,) to contact them about other issues, they reply in a day or two?!

In addition, I gave them the UPS tracking number that the eBay seller provided, which clearly shows that the RAMS were delivered (tracking number 1ZR43Y850374477844, signed for by "J**h").