PostNet - International parcel

Apr 22, 2022

Sandra Do Couto-of US


I went to the Bedfordview Postnet to deliver a parcel to Portugal (2 mugs) 01-07-2021. I had wrapped both mugs in bubble wrap and in my own box. According to Postnet, I had to open the box and use one of your boxes.

R1000 to have to mugs delivered to my sister in Portugal. To my total embarrasment, I got a message from her on the 06-07-2021 with a photo of the two mugs. Broken in pieces and some of the pieces were missing.

I immediately emailed Postnet and DHL to advise them of this matter. To date, no one has contacted me.

When I took my proof of my complaints to Postnet this morning [protected]), they now advised me that it was too late to put in a complaint..

Totally disgusted with their services, especially after paying such an amount.