Postnet - A1 posters

Nov 19, 2021

Portia N — Bedford, South Africa

To whom it may concern

I visited your branch in Bedford view what a bad service I received, I needed 3 A1 posters to be printed and to my surprise they were all printed in landscape instead of portrait, I phoned the branch about my concern what a bad feedback I got from a guy called Lula he blatantly told me I was making noise and that he is busy with customers

my question is am I not a customer since I am frustrated about the posters, he said he is busy and unfortunately he cannot help me
he was soo impatient and never even showed empathy

If he is a supervisor or manager he is unqualified for that position as he has no management nor people skills

This is just the recent complaint we have had bad service in the past where we would send our staff members to collect signage's and mostly they will come back empty handed or made to wait for over an hour, but since this is the nearest post net we always find ourselves taking the punishment as if we are not paying for the service rendered

Portia Nyarashe