Pride Mobility - Zero Turn 10

Nov 24, 2021

S Abbott — Bowling Green, USA

We just purchased 2 new Pride Zero Turn 10 electric mobility scooters. They were delivered 10/05/21. We took a cruise. As we were disembarking from the ship Saturday 11/20/21, we were caught in a cloudburst. We AND the scooters were drenched. That night the scooters wouldn't move. The lights were on, they were getting power, but they wouldnt move. We have had them sitting in the sun since then, to dry out, & one is working good & the other is getting there. The thing is... it is not covered under warrenty. There is nothing we can do to prevent it from happening again EXCEPT (as told to me by a Pride rep) carry a WalMart bag to cover it with in an emergency.
These are $2700.00 machines & thats the best advice they can offer me?
It seems to me that the parts that are so susceptable to moisture should be encased in plastic, during manufacture, to protect it from the moisture. It is mainly the electronics inside the tiller that are the problem.