PuppiesR4Sale - Selling sick dog

Mar 07, 2022

Kacelynn34-of South Boston, US

I purchased a dog from Wanda on 3/5/2022. I immediately noticed the dog felt very thin but since he was a small dog I thought it was normal. We did the whole drive from NH to south shore ma the puppy did not move. We brought him to my sisters which is closer to than my house to let him go the bathroom after a long ride and another 30 mins to go. We put him down and the floor and he still did not move not an inch he just sat like a rag doll. We got to my house around 8 and he still did not move or use the bathroom. I noticed he wasn’t eating much but drinking water ok. Finally around 12 he peed a small amount after all those hours. Sunday he was the same. It was almost like having a stuffed dog (zero life to him). I was chalking it up to new puppy maybe nervous, give him time. Now today Monday I take him to my vet to have him checked out and they were immediately horrified. He is extremely malnourished and under weight (you can feel every bone), severely dehydrated, lethargic. They picked and poked at him to get a reaction and he did nothing. So I had to get him IV fluids and have to go back tomorrow for more, a shot of antibiotics, shot of nausea medicine, parvo test (negative) thank god, blood work, and an ultrasound.

So that was another $800+ out of my pocket after barely having my pup for 2 days. If I hadn’t got him an appointment today he probably wouldn’t have lasted many more.

I text Wanda to tell her what was going on and he gave me the run around and also told me that she was cooking chicken and feed him that when she weened him. Which is impossible since he is very under weight it’s almost sad. Now my only option to have her give me any reimbursement would be to give her the dog back and I wouldn’t NEVER she already almost killed him.

I will eat the money I lost and will continue to lose before I gave her this puppy back. I wouldn’t buy a hamster off this lady she is cruel and if you don’t read the contract right (I did not) you will be f*****

I hope people call and report her cause I know I am and it’s not about the money it’s about the poor animals in poor conditions.

Also her and her vet must be in it together because my pup was at the vet a couple of hours before I picked him up.

She is a terrible person all around