PuppiesR4Sale - Puppy Ill and Misrepresented

May 02, 2022

Stacey Hileman Iannazzo-of US

I purchased a Chihuahua puppy (Navy) nine days ago. Upon my arrival at the home, I asked to see the parents, they were not on site. I was told by the man who took my info and my payment that the pups' parents weren't available as they "were doing a favor" rehoming the pups "for a sick family member". I asked multiple times about the pups breed since he did not look like a full chihuahua. I was assured he was. I was given a contract and a 'vet record', giving the pup a clean bill of health. However, upon arriving home and in the ensuing days, the puppy was producing loose foul stools. After being examined by my veterinarian today, my puppy was diagnosed with worms and a parasite. He also has an undescended testicle. I have my vet's report to support my claim. It is also my vet's opinion that this puppy is NOT a Chihuahua but some sort of mixed breed.

After further research on my part, I found many complaints against this puppy 'brokering' business, including the sale of sick dogs. I am certain, from my research, that this establishment will not reimburse me for the expenses incurred today. I also have no intention of returning my pup to their care, which at best is shoddy. From past complaints and my personal experience, it's clear that you only care about profit and not the well being of your pups. The parasite my pup has is guaranteed to have infected the rest of his litter. I am very displeased, and feel bad for any future potential 'clients' you deal with. I will be leaving this review at every available resource I can find. Shame on you. On my part, the price I paid for my pup is worth getting him out of your care.