R. M. Williams - Gift voucher replacement card

Mar 03, 2022

Daniel Deleo-of US

I emailed 3-4 days ago without a response. I am very disappointed as my friend has been dealing on and off with RM Williams for over 12 months on the phone to try and get a replacement gift card that we gave to him as a gift. The value is $600. I purchased the gift card through Velocity E-store Purchase ID [protected]. I lost the receipt of purchase. Although, I have proof of purchase through my velocity and to your staff has advised that the voucher was still valid (due to covid) and they could see it hasn't been used. This is the second email that I have sent now, I didn't get a response to your first. I would like to be contacted to talk this through as I have clear proof of purchase. Veleocty E-store could not provide me with a replacement recpiept and told me to go direct with you. We have been going around in circles for a while now. Can someone please contact me on [protected]. Or email me. Can this please be escalated to management as I am that frustrated that I will take this matter further to consumer affairs if an appropriate response is not received. A prompt response will be appreciated. Thank in advance.

Daniel Deleo