Raffaello Network - Liars/Miscommitment

Mar 22, 2022

Nabz84-of US

Made 3 orders in last 35 days. Guess what. All reached in time but Dhl asked me to pay for duties. First order was made (10th feb ) , it arrived i told them i have paid all but there customer service operator Dawn is always rude and harsh , she said they will sort out. 2nd order came the same scenario happend. It took approx 25 days to get the refund from them, even that wasnt full . 3rd order is with dhl now since 4 days and i have been asking them to solve this issue through dhl italy that when i have paid all feeses, Why should i pay more. Also correct their system . Reply i got was wait for several days , they wll sort out it. Otherwise i go and pay all duties to Dhl and sent them the receipt and they wll pay me Half, as if they are obliging me . Firstly, Why should i waut for several days when they can instantly resolve this issue. Also, whenever i buy anything, thwy overcharge , i had to email them for correction . Still when you see the bill on your statement,'its always 3 to 8 euros more charged easily .

Since 11+ years they have not corrected there system and also there customer service staff Dawn.