Rajiv Gandhi Hyderabad International Airport - Confiscation of non restricted items in carryon baggage at the time of pre-aircraft boarding screening

Feb 19, 2022

Farrukh Quraishi-of US

I was travelling to Dallas U.S. via Dubai on February 18th on Flight EK 525. To the best of my memory it was approximately between 02:45 and 03:15 my carryon was pulled aside for further inspection. I had 2 vape batteries and the vape tank and two small bottles of 10 ml vape juice . The official inspecting told me that I cannot carry my vape battery and the tank in my carryon baggage and removed it and set it aside. He then screened my bag again and was specifically looking for two bottles of vape juice and told me that I cannot carry those either and he set those two bottles aside. I was also carrying a cologne bottle which was about 30 ml which he did not object to and let me carry it. My best guess is that the official wanted to keep the vaping device for himself and therefore he was also looking for the vaping juice bottles.

I was following the instructions on Emirates web site in regards to all restricted and non-restricted items in my carryon baggage. I flew into Hyderabad Airport on February 7th. My carryon bag was screened twice once at Dallas and Dubai Airports on my journey to Hyderabad but none of my vaping material was confiscated.

After reaching to US I did some research again and found out that none of the items confiscated by the Hyderabad screening official were restricted to be carried onboard the aircraft.

I would greatly appreciate if you could look into this matter and take necessary action against the official, so none of the passengers should have to go thru this in the future. My short trip to Hyderabad was to lay out some ground work for big investment into a big project in Hyderabad and will have to travel to Hyderabad frequently in future but I am being forced to give a second thought to continue with it as I am very discouraged with this incident.

This kind of harassment would also discourage other travelers as well.

As mentioned earlier, this incident happened on early morning of Feb 18th between 0245 and 0315, I was wearing blue jeans and a light blue white striped shirt. My pilot case was light blue with a red cloth bag tied to it for my hat. Please find attached the pictures of my pilot case, the shirt I was wearing, the similar juice bottles and the similar vaping device which was confiscated