Ramomar NY - Purchased products; awaiting refund

Dec 17, 2021

Katrina H-of United States

My experience with this company has been horrible. I purchased two hoodies at $212 each from the website around November 2021. One hoodie came but was the wrong size. I immediately emailed the company in hopes that they could just send me the correct size. I was instructed to return the wrong size item and prove tracking; once confirmed, they would process a refund. I mailed the first hoodie back the next day with tracking; within 4-5 days the package was been sent back to me. Post office message said "addresse unknown." After many emails with no response, I then went to Mr. Buckley's FB messenger and reached out. He apologized for the mishap and gave me another address to mail the hoodie back too and once again was told that I would be refunded. Went to the post office again and mailed the wrong merchandise. I tracked the package and it was delivered on 12/7/21. Been trying to get up updates and/or any communication from the company. No response. Never heard anything about the 2nd hoodie but they processed the $424 dollars from my card. So now I'm out of money, no product and can't get a response from the company. It's just ethically and morally wrong. I work hard for my money and feel scammed. It has definitely discouraged me from supporting small businesses. It's about the customer service. I could have worked with the wrong sizes and delays but to be treated as though my dollar or experience doesn't matter is a permanent scar for me.