Rana Motors - Insurance Claim issue

Jan 22, 2022

Chandrakant Pandey-of Gurgaon, Haryana, IN


I got my Ertiga cars windshield broken and went to your service centre for claim in Sector 14, Gurgaon. There was an executive there named with Bharat Sharma. He attended me and taken all the docs and processed with the insurance company and I got the message from you that I will get my issue resolved in 2 days. When I returned to my home...

The play got started, he said sir paper is incomplete.
Sir surveyor is not approving, then he again said I some how got this approved.
I said, it's okay and thanks. He said no sir, surveyor is coming with BMW car, etc... His mean to ask for bribe.
I did not get agree, but he assured me it will be ready in two days.

I called him after 2 days, he said no approval came and it will not get resolved, you take back your car.

Finally I took my car back. My issues...
If I am paying additional money to Rana Motars as a third-party for my insurance, why you guys are not helping.
If paper was incomplete, which is I am still not sure, why my claim got intimated by your inexperienced excutive.
Why did your executive said about bribe.
You do not value your customer and guiding us at any direction and at last saying, we can't help you... Really...
Just for ₹ 8 thausand, you are not able to claim...

I need my product replaced...
I would just love to avoid an interaction with such guy in your company.

Thanks in advance...

Chandrakant Pandey