Rawson Property Group / Rawson Residential Franchises - Still no deposit received - Northriding branch

Apr 13, 2022

Joc7-of US

I've moved out of a property, lease was up, which i rented via Rawson Northriding, at the end of March 2022. Exit inspection done, nothing wrong with the property, in fact, the exit looked better than the insert inspection. Sorry may I add, the insert inspection took about 20min, the exit inspection an hour and a half, done by Ryan. More than 7days later, still no deposit refund or any feedback whatsoever. When I contacted Riana, all I was told, they apparently are so, so busy with insert inspections and basically don't have time for me right now. I just want my deposit back Rawson Northriding! I don't care about your insert inspections, I was good enough when I had to pay you your money, now pay me back mine!