- Government provided COVID Bail Out to Air Transat but we are still waiting on our refund.

Mar 01, 2022

Rosa and John McTavish-of Kitchener, CA

After Government provided the "Bail Out" to Air Transat we completed the Refund Request form on May 12, 2021. After monthly call ups to Red Tag and to Air Transat...when they answered the phone. We are still waiting on our refund of $4,316.00.

My last phone call to Red Tag (the representative) that booked our trip in August 2019 we were advised that Red Tag would be handing our refund. We were advised that they are totally backlogged with the reimbursements. Red Tag has no idea when we can expect our refund.

We were asked to provide bank statements which we sent to Red Tag and to Air Transat. Still no refund.

I have reached out to our member of Parliament and enquired if any conditions were attached to the "Bail Out" and the timeline to refund travellers.

At this point we are so frustrated by the lack of effort on Red Tag and Air Transat. They received the billion dollar bail out. Can make interest on that money and "drag their feet" in the reimbursement process.

Shame on Red Tag and Air Transat... I will never use their services again.