- Vegas vacation cancellation due to Covid

Jan 16, 2022

Allissia Hilton-of Sylvan Lake, Alberta, CA

My complaint with redtag is in regards to the refusal by them to honor a credit to us as we could not make out flight. Confirmation # [protected], Departure date Fri 24th, 2021- Tue 28th. 2021, Calgary to las Vegas. We purchased the careflexplus pkg to Insure there would not be a problem if something were to come up and we would have to cancel. I contacted redtag online and requested an cancelation on the 3rd or 4th of December, I received an email from redtag stating that it could take 3 weeks to get a response back in regard's to cancelation. I Never herd anything back for over a month so we contacted them, and after 5 hours on the phone waiting we were finally told that since our flight had already happened we would not get a refund. I am furious over this as we had the careflexplus and requested cancelation within there timeframe. Seems like they just stole our money, unacceptable. I have all email correspondences saved on my phone. I would like my money back as a credit if possible.
my email address is [protected]
my husband adam was the one dealing with redtag, his email is [protected]