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Dec 26, 2021

Customer Shopper-of Louisville,Kentucky, United States

I worked for Republic Bank in Louisville, Kentucky downtown for a seasonal position. And it was the worst the Supervisor Cassie and the underwriter the old white man that wore a trench coat was racist, they would talk only to certain blacks, and they recruited a lot of black people for the seasonal position and one by one Supervisor Cassie was getting rid of people. We had to pay to park in the garage. The regulars was very mean to us they wouldn't speak or be around us. We had to always wait at the door for Cassie to let us through to get our temperature checked. And the one guy that was a Supervisor he was short and white he is racist and didn't want certain blacks talking to each other. Certain ones can talk and somebody talked to me he would get mad and mumble under his breathe mean comments. Don't take this job because it want last. This was through the temporary agency it was several that came from one.