ReserveAmerica - Refund for a cancelled reservation never received

Feb 16, 2022

Fabiana Pecanha-of US

Hi There,

Back in October/2021 (10/12/21) I cancelled (#606020) my reservation to Pismo SB site #OC14 dates 10/17/21 - 10/20/21. I was informed that for some reason a credit could not be issue back to my credit card but a check in the amount of $112.01 was going to be sent to my address: 5980 Birch Street #3, Carpinteria CA 93013 in about 14-17 weeks. The check has never arrived! I called again today and I was informed that another check would be sent to me in about 3-45 weeks! What is this? It's my money and should not have to wait this long AGAIN! Please I need someone to take care of this for IMMEDIALTELY!


Transaction# 606020

Date 10/13/2021 1:05pm

Batch# 58

Register# 36

Cashier 42012

Fabiana Pecanha