ReShip - Accepted Package Regardless of My Request for them to REJECT

Jan 11, 2022

Brandy656-of Worcester, Massachusetts, US

There is an open criminal case for a package that was shipped to Reship. This was part of a Facebook scam that had happened. Reship has clear instructions from me to REJECT the package if it arrives since I had filed a package interception via USPS. The interception failed and Reship accepted the package anyway after we had told them there was an open criminal investigation involving this package. Last I heard from them they want me to open an account with them and purchase a shipping label to have my item returned to me. I asked them to confirm the package was there via photos and I never heard back. Point is they fail to listen to directions even when the police and detectives are involved. They are aweful communicators and have made it clear they do not care about their customers or doing the right thing unless they are still making money. Being a business owner, this is such a shame.