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Apr 20, 2022

david r may-of US

This place is managed very poorly, They can't keep employee's. Employee's quit within 3 months, They have very little or no training and then are berated for not performing all their duties. I personally watched Management train a new Housekeeper, LOL handed them a sheet on items and services they were to perform for tenants. Well there are common areas and common bathrooms that must be added to their daily duties, then there is the supplies and what to and where they are located to add to duties none ever mentioned. It's beyond poor training, It's management being so lazy they don't know that persons duties and have done very little to learn them. That's just one of the many different jobs that get very little training, But they are quick to tell an employee a tenant called and told them they missed a task, lots of those job training moments are in front of tenants, and it isn't pleasant to see.