- Restaurant Chairs and stools

Apr 29, 2022

RestaurantFTL-of Miami, US (amongst the other names it goes by) is the most unprofessional and inept company I have ever worked with. I have been incredibly patient with them, as they've missed "promised deadlines' by months and months, because life is difficult with the pandemic. But they cannot get orders right. They have sent our items to the wrong location multiple times, they have sent the wrong items to us multiple times, they have gotten quantities wrong, they have forgotten pieces of orders, and they have sent us damaged goods. It is single handedly the worst vendor experience I have ever had in my life. They always say "sorry we will fix this", but they don't fix it, they screw more things up and have more excuses. The main contact in the company will not even speak to me, "Tommy", because he wants to pawn it off on his subordinates because he could not do his job properly. They are holding over $30,000 of money for a delivery they missed and promised to recredit when I had to find an alternative supplier. I have had problems with them for OVER AN ENTIRE YEAR.

BUYER BEWARE- whatever you do, find another company. They are incompetent and unprofessional, unethical and likely you will be screwed out of money.