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Mar 02, 2022

Lori Clark Mohan-of US

I became a widow on 1/18/2022 and have not only lost my husband but also my medical insurance and 80% of my income. I needed to create a resume quickly and your site was recommended to me. I signed up and had no idea that it was a 14-day free trial and that I would be charged $24.99/month in 2 weeks. My life is in chaos, I was not aware of this membership, and I am broke. When I called, on 3/2/2022, to explain my situation, I was told that I needed to cancel by 2/15, which I didn't do because I was unaware of the membership plan. I was then offered the plan for $9.99 a month, which I declined because the formatting of the resume and cover letters created were subpar. I immediately canceled my membership and was given a $12.48 credit, which means I still paid $12.51 for a membership that I was just offed to me for a price of $9.99. Do the math. Yes, I did in fact sign up for a membership quickly and I will acknowledge that mistake. I hope none of you ever have to deal with the loss of your husband at 54 and find out about the turmoil that I face daily.