Richard E. Davis, MD, FACS The Center for Facial Restoration - Rhinoplasty

Jan 22, 2022

llamalle-of Boca Raton, US

Dr David completely ruined my face. My nose is now severely crooked, with extremely uneven nostrils and an exaggerated columella from a graft he placed there. He did tell me he *might* decide to add a graft, but he didn't fully inform me on what that would mean. For the months before surgery he'd been telling me how I'd be able to move my nose like nothing had happened. The graft hurts my nose any time it is pressed on in any way, such as simply kissing my husband. It's stiff and makes an obvious white line any time I smile. My nostrils came out uneven and he told me to "pull down on the higher one with a q-tip." Of course that didn't do anything. I believe he was setting the stage for me thinking that if it was uneven, it was because I didn't do that right or enough post-op. How could pulling with a q-tip remotely affect the results of a surgery?

He also removed fat from my chin. He did tell me it would leave a scar. However he didn't tell me it would create this very unnatural & unflattering folding in my chin. Not only that, but it is uneven, giving me an uneven face shape and weird tight lines under my neck. He did the same thing he did with the nose, told me to massage it. So of course, when that didn't do anything, it's my fault, right? Not the botched surgery.

I've lived with this for 8 years now. I hate my reflection in the mirror and am sad any time I see myself on photo or video. I would tell anyone to stay FAR AWAY from this doctor.