Rocky Real Estate - Watchman and security

May 04, 2022

anonymous88822111-of Dubai, AE

Dear Rock Team ,

I have to write this email with a heavy heart saying the watchman of Al - Awazi -2 building on 19b Rolla street named "Mohammed" is negligent. He is temperament in nature and all he does it to sit outside the building and smoke along with eve teasing strangers. He has no responsibility towards the building and tenants and has no sense of security what so ever. We all have been dealing with is ignorant nature until recently 2-3 strangers entered someones house and when confronted him about this incident he instead blamed us. People are planning to shift from the building because of him, i urge you to take strict actions againts this man and remove him as security as soon as possible. We have complained about him earlier but no action was taken by the management, so if there is no reply from your side we shall move ahead with the complain to the police. I am writing this anonymously because if he comes to know he might turn vigilant and grow inhumane.

Hope you understand and take some strict actions.

Thank you,

Tenant of Rock real Estate