Russels - Connex laptop

May 09, 2022

Kgao Modjadji-of Polokwane, ZA

On Wednesday the 3th of May 2022, I bought a new laptop aat Russell's in polokwane. On Friday the 5th I wanted to use it, so I charged it to full battery, as I'm using the laptop the battery kept on being used up faster, which is something we wouldn't expect on a brand new laptop.

The laptop that I had been given is the one that was being used as a display laptop, I think that the reason for the battery to be used up quicker is because since it was opened it has been been plugged on the charger and that affected the battery

So today on the 9th of May I went back to the same shop to ask for a new laptop, but one of the salesman refused to give me a new laptop but rather he said he would get me a new battery.