Saia - Shipping Damage to a 16' Motorhome Awning

Apr 20, 2022

Doug Coplin-of US

I ordered an electric awning from Carefree of Colorado invoiced on 03-22-22 in the amount of $2418.90. When it arrived at my residence on 03-31-22 shipped by SAIA, it looked as though it went through a shredder. The shipping box and SAIA's shipping manifest clearly stated, "ALUMINUM ARTICLES-FRAGILIE HAND CARRY HANDLOAD TUBES". With that said I immediately took pictures of the visible damaged goods in the shipping box with the SAIA truck. I did take possession and did NOT sign the received paperwork. The visible damage with the packaging (bent awning arm, damaged/bent aluminum headrail was evident. After breaking down the delivered awning for concealed damage, I found the awning material with damage when the arm was struck/bent. This unit was $2418.90 Total w/TX & Freight. Note: On 03-08-22 SAIA sent an inspector to view and photograph the damaged electric awning.