Sakare - Service

Nov 21, 2021

Caitlin Warren — London, United Kingdom

My friend and I happened to walk past the Sakare stand in Westfield, Stratford, where a sales gentleman insisted on us going in and trying their products. We said no thank you many times but he insisted on us going in. He showed us all the products and was just rather rude to us. My friend was there listening to him talk about the products where he turned round and said "I'm finding it very difficult to talk to you". We brushed it off and just continued to listen. I received a phone call and as I looked at my phone, the gentleman gave me a rather disgusted look and ask "what's wrong with you??"

After saying no to buying the products, he said to us in a rather nasty tone "you waste my time in me showing you these products and you won't even buy anything" and would make comments about our appearance.

I understand that they are there to try and sell you the products but the way we were treated was appalling, and left us feeling really uncomfortable.