Scambook - Powersellers College

Jan 24, 2022

JoLinda Richards-of Columbus, Georgia, US

Back in 2010 I purchased a lifetime support business to set me up a complete website, which they did, I sold hippie clothes and was happy with it, . Just as it was starting to produce, I logged it one day and couldn't get to my website. It said, "error 404" and it was gone, 100 percent gone..someone had stolen my $10, 000 website and when I contacted power sellers college, they had no advice for me, now it's been over ten years, I've not made any money as of yet, I think I've waited long enough for them to make it right, now I want my money back or I'm gonna post them all over the web as scammers...After ten years with a. guarantee of life support, I think it's time they did something, such as issue me a refund.. It's more than obvious they are scam artists and more than likely thrives also...personally I'll lay odds they stole my website...Give Me My Money...JoLinda Richards