Scandinavian Airlines System [SAS] - Flyticket

Feb 04, 2022

Beatrice Mihaela-of US

I booked a ticket from Copenhagen to Bergen through a travel agency (Flybilet). After some time, I was informed by the travel agency that SAS airline company cancelled the flights due to covid 19 and suggested new flights (with layover and at an inconvenient arrival date for me). I, therefore, applied for a refund to the airline company but the airline only refunded the value of the taxes and not the entire value of the ticket. I made a complaint about not being fully refunded because according to their website and rules they claim that one is entitled to a full refund if a claim is made in 10 days from when one is informed about the change. I made the claim 3 days after being informed about the change. After that, they switch the fault to the travel agency claiming that they informed me a few days later even though in their rules there is no mention of who informs you about the change. I, therefore, claim the refund of the full value of the ticket. Is a service I have not benefited from and the amount was paid in the end to SAS so, SAS is responsible to refund me.