Scandinavian Airlines System [SAS] - no refund or voucher as written on SAS website

Feb 25, 2022

sylvie007-of Sint-Niklaas, BE

booking MPC3JY

All documentation avaible with me.

Many calls and mail. Had a right to a voucher for my booking and was turned down.

Booking date 01/01/2020

Travel date 17/07/2020

These dates was guideline for refund and i complied, nevertheless i tried to book again on a new date and they said not possible ... I have cancelled the flight...which was not true. I had a right with those dates to postpone, which i did.

Called 3 x 30/03/2020 & 10/06/2020 & 27/07/202 without succes.

Mailed complaint 26/08/2020 and get a reply on 20/10/2020 that it was a double complaint and have deleted it?

Please help on this.


Sylvie Rixhon