Schneider National - Broker BRANDON OETTINGER [protected]

Feb 25, 2022

Dispatcher Annette-of Helendale, US

Never work with this broker ever again.

He is miss leading, he tells you one thing, but turns around and charge you for something that he said that he said but did not say it.

I am a Carrier, I booked several loads with him. He charged me 30% for something that he never informed me about.

My driver was going home and this Broker Brandon give my driver a drop off location for dropping off a empty trailer near his home from the receiver.

The receiver did not have an empty trailer for my driver to take near his house. So the driver went home, because he did not have a empty trailer to take with him.

The broker said that because he left without informing him that he did not have an empty trailer, that he was charging 30% for not telling him that he did not have an empty trailer to take. This is BS and I am not cursing, just mad as hick.