Senior Helpers - Billing without invoices

Apr 05, 2022

J. Akiki-of San Diego, US

In October 2021, a contract for services was signed. Invoices were to be sent to a trustee for payment and one sent to family member living with client for validation of hours being billed. Yet, the first invoice received, for validation of hours by family member, was in March 2022 after numerous requests. Excuses were made as to why no invoices were sent to family member yet invoices to trustee for payment were sent faithfully. Senior Helpers claims they are not able to provide past invoices for the family to review. The trustee has no idea of the hours worked or not worked, nor if overtime pay is valid or not. The trustee was led to believe that family member received the same invoice each pay period. Senior Helpers took advantage of this situation as was evidenced in the overbilling of hours and days plus time and half charged on the invoice finally received in March 2022. When pointed out to Senior Helpers, they justified the over billing to “no advance notice “ given for change in hours. This was quickly proven to be an intentional lie when written evidence of the change was submitted. Senior Helpers has not corrected the errors nor responded to family. A complaint is being made to San Diego’s Social Services for further investigation into all charges since October 2021. Senior Helpers of Sorrento Valley in San Diego is refusing to address the problem and continues to only send invoices to the trustee.