Senior Helpers - service

Jan 16, 2022

Edith Tetelman-of Clearwater, Florida, US

The franchise that I used was in Bedford Hills New York. The president was Jeff Sencer. He was the only person who I had contact with. His franchise is horrible. When I first contacted him I explained in great detail what my families needs were for my Dad, he insisted that he could help us. At first they were wonderful, on time and care was great. When the caregiver was injured not while taking care of my Dad, the services got bad. Days with no one coming no calls to say they were not coming, not providing the services we asked, using my Dad's phone to make long distance calls, taking and eating food from my Dad's house. When that was mentioned they got rid of the caregiver and I had to ask every week if anyone was going to come. He stated he would reimburse us for the food and phone calls but that never happened. I had called the cooperate office to make a complaint, and never spoke to anyone there. I did however get a very rude and unprofessional call from Jeff asking why I called to complain. After that I all my dealing with him where by email or text so that I could keep track. The last day we had service from this franchise was on 12/24/21. I called all the phone numbers I had for him and also texted and received no response. If this is how you train your people to run a business then you need to either retrain them of take the franchise away from them. I would never recommend this company to anyone. I've been an RN for 30 years, and I was seeking your company's help with my father. In the end it was my father who suffered due to the lack of unprofessional attitude that Jeff has towards his clients.