Shaw Floors - Asheville Pine floating luxury vinyl plank flooring

Feb 09, 2022

StephanieNC-of Cherryville, US

We purchased our flooring from our local Lowe's and we have been in contact with them and filed a claim on 3-18-21 the floors are terrible quality . They are breaking and are still breaking to this day. I had a contractor to come out to our home to look at the flooring and he told us that the manufacture cut the grooves to deep in there so it doesn't have to support it needs so they will keep breaking on the short and long edges. we paid a lot of money for this floor and it was put down by a contractor in 3 rooms in our home. we have been trying to resolve this since early last year and we can't get any answers and we are just handed off to rude people that keep telling us it's not there problem call Lowe's or Lowe's tell us to call Shaw nobody will help us. So we are stuck with broken floor and flooring that doesn't stay together and this floor is also been discontinued at our Lowe's so we can't even try to fix our floors. I have read all reviews on this floor and they all have stated the breaking and separating problem. My question is why can't someone help us ? The flooring is terrible and it makes our house look bad and it's not fair that we have to live and look at this floor everyday